If you don’t ask, you won’t get. So what? Ask for business!

Yes, sure, sounds obvious: if you don’t ask, you will not get.

But since this sentence seems to be a tautology while is not, I’d like to share with you few quick considerations (and maybe a few of doubts as well).

First of all, we all should know that to get something we have to ask for it.

Well: we all should know, and we probably do, but the question is: WE DO REALLY ASK? We really ask always? Or are we scared to ask, especially when we care about the reply?

If a “do you like me” question is actually a scary one, the same happens when we should ask for business. Let’s imagine we are at the end of our first meeting with a prospect. The appointment was fine, the prospect seemed interested in our product/service/whatever. But we don’t have a new contract in our bag, do we? So, why don’t we ask for it? Maybe because we don’t want to press the client. To push it or to force it in anyway.  Mmh. Can be. But. If we don’t ask, be sure he (or she)  won’t ask us neither. And we might be a so called point of no return. Remember why we are there (in front of our prospect) and what we want. (we want a contract, remember?!). Then, we definitely have to ask for it. No fear at all. ASKING FOR BUSINESS, it’s a part (and what a part) of our job, and we like our job (since we do like it, do we?).


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