The key, the secret, the power of bla bla bla.

The Secret is a bestseller based on the law of attraction  that claims that  positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness and an amazing amount of money as well.

Well. The truth is that this principle can work. For sure,  it have been worked for the Author, since the book has been translated into 46 languages and has sold more than 19 million copies worldwide.

To visualize can help, but it’s not enough. (Try to visualize to less weight, while you are sitting in a Mc Donald’s eating like a starving pig, then watch. Be sure you want less weight. I can tell you for good.)

If you visualize, but don’t act, nothing will happen. Apart from you wasting time.

But, really, visualize the end of a presentation or an exam (being sure you know what you are supposed to know) or even a new appointment, can help.

It won’t if you visualize without acting, without studying without forcing yourself to the improvement you need.

In the other way around, if you act, do your best, think out of the box, bla bla bla, but you keep on being blue and sad and demotivate, be sure you won’t get whatever you might deserve, even if you really deserve it.


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